In order to make sure that we are able to assist you we need to view a tri-merge report. Send me the user name and password that you create along with the last 4 of your social. This is a third party site and it is $1 for a trial of 7 days.
We strongly recommend keeping credit monitoring OPEN throughout your credit restoration process. The credit bureaus do not send credit scores; only updated reports with status updates for each account. If you are focused on watching your credit scores rise; credit monitoring is the way to watch them do so. 

MM Credit Solutions dba MM Management Group (“MMMG”) is a Texas based company that does business exclusively within the State of Texas, but sometimes agrees to accept out of state clients that have initiated contact with MMMG for purposes of retaining its Texas-based services. All MMMG contractual service performance take place solely within the State of Texas.

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